Apr 30, 2009

just freaking stop.

Stop telling me what I should do. Really. Stop it.

I know what I should do and it's my own damn choice since it's my life to spend.
Yes, that is selfish.
Too fuckin' bad.

Everyone SHOULD just look in their own back yards and keep the fuck out of mine until there's is in some half assed order.

I look after my self moderately well. I have educated myself. I have a successful career. I have a double handful of good friends for which I am eternally grateful and countless chums who were put here for my amusement. And I have a retirement plan.
My parents AND my kids love me.
I have the coolest grandchildren on the planet.
I actually like my son-in-law.
I have a comfoirtable home and I am not in debt up to my ass. knees maybe but there's still lots of room to do some travelling.

Looks pretty good from here.

Apr 24, 2009

after midnite - again...

Well here we are, my multiplicity of voices in my head with several of them trying to get out so that when I do speak I seem to be speaking in tongues and when I try to go to sleep one or the other of them is constantly NATTERING IN MY EAR WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Not working.

So I'm a little crazy today.

I bought a new toilet seat and I can't get the old one off.
I've perused the ever growing pile of laundry in my room but I just bought some new duds so it'll wait another day or two.
I bought a new carpet with the Dao symbol on it for balance and couldn't center it correctly on the older carpet.
I remembered my vitamins and forgot my anti biotic.
I miss donuts and all things sugary and it is doing nothing for the figure.
I want my freaking kitchen done - NOW!!!!
The boys are moving to Victoria so they adopted the hyacinth to me - please don't let me kill it. Several of the plants suicided this winter.
I want to go camping but it's stilltoo cold.
I want a buddy with benefits and no liabilities but I'm too something to dump the poundage that would make that task so much simpler.
I cry at everything for no apparent reason, but I laugh at the same time.
Plans plans plans - procrastinate x 3
And then it's back to the cycle - damn I'm tired

Apr 14, 2009

Been awhile

I was sick. Now I'm mostly better. I have whined enough.
Visited with family and had a great visit with dad, plated Dakar, took a short road trip and remortgaged the condo at a damn fine rate. I'm halfway through customizing the pattern for Abigail's wedding dress, I've at least started my taxes, and the nebulous plans for a kitchen seem to becoming a bit more tangible.

Yesterday I even made it to the pub to see my O'Hooligans, catch up on some lovin' from Miss Stacy, sunshine from Mistress Abigail, and hugs all'round Sang Nickless a happy bday at karaoke (it was all of us) - definitely not a solo performance. He had a pussy on his cake.

My desk is mostly caught up.

So why can I see nothing but this knee limping, muffin topped, waddle wagging, vulture-winged, bristly bitchy bitter old bag. Cause I am feeling old - a strange thing for me because I usually feel 8. The last few weeks mostly just sucked and not in a good way. A couple of hot flashes - my - THOSE are fun. The antibiotics I was on required me to eat 4 times a day and I'm sure that in the middle of trying to reduce the muffin top to tartlet size I have put on 10 pounds and nothing fits right now.

My favorite bra had a blowout and the wire actually scraped a gash in my side in its mad escape from my blouse, and the lingerie store has no replacements, nothing but horse harnesses = blech!!! It's not like I can go braless and still have a working back and any dignity. I have chocolate (70% cocoa sugar free) stashed in my purse/desk/backpack and I haven't done that in years, and I am sure I've smoked 4 packs of smokes since last Monday when I have been down to about a pack a week for the last 6 months.

But I did manage 6 minutes in the standup yesterday and that was fabulous.

Imagine you can now hear George Carlin's 7 words.

Apr 6, 2009

monday and back to work

At least I feel like working, however my hand eye coordination certainly leaves something to be desired this morning. Which sucks because when you're a writer using a keyboard ...

However - I am not behind, my boss seems happy with me, and it's only a 3 days week what with Easter and all, and all. Sorry, but since I read Catcher in the Rye a month ago, that "and all" seems to pop up more regularly than "Eh!" for a Canadian. By the hundred little gods, that book sucked.

Well, enough slacking, done my break and it's back to work y'all. Catch you this weekend.

Apr 4, 2009

saturday ...already

My face stiil looks like richard nixon, but the ear pressure went away last nite. 2nd round of even stronger anti biotics. Yay!

I oh so love my life right now.