Feb 28, 2009


Sometimes the difference in "common" language usage between generations just blows me away. I have always believed that there are some situations where the use of particular words is not such a great idea. And don't give me the arguement that we as a society have become desensitized to the impact of those words because that is not neccesarily a good thing.

Last night I heard two 18 year old girls call each other "whores" and laugh, like some of us in my generation use "bitches". Neither is a very nice thing to call your friend - however - calling a friend of mine a whore is flatly untenable. Yet another of their friends tagged one of them in some south park pic as "Herpes Ho" and that incensed them, but they thought it would have been funny if it was someone else who was tagged with it??? Talk about multi layered standards. Or maybe it's just a lack of standards whatsoever. Or maybe it's just my yearning for civilized conversation without all the negative conotations.

The longer I spent in their company the more aghast I became at their language. Such filth being declaimed by such beauty and yet they kiss their mothers with those mouths. I even went so far as to ask them why, and got naught but splutters and mumbles as a reply.

George Carlin, who espoused the belief that there are no bad words, only bad interpretations, would be calling me a hypocrite I'm sure - and he's tops on my list of present day philosophers. I'm sorry George, but on my WORST day the language they are using is on just about anybody's list and they KNOW it. It isn't for shock value or even as an expletive, it has become part of their common launguage. I detest it.

Feb 27, 2009


Apparently today is the day that I cannot make a decision and make it stick even in my own head. The plumber was here and the biggest pain in my ass has been resolved. New taps installed, the drip has been quenched and I no longer have to use the rubber jar opening thingy to turn off the hot water tap. FUCKING YAY!!!!

however - it was minus 30C (-42 with windchill) when I cancelled my coffee date with my son, and considered cancelling fake bake. So we rearranged java at Mur's for 4 instead of 1 - bake at 5. A a visit with the crazies at 7 for Nolie's 22nd bday. I still have to check with Clinton about bday plans.

But NOW, not an hour later I think I need to get out of the house ... I really do. I mean it's warmed up to - just a sec - minus 23 (-35 with windchill)which gives me long enough from car to building and not freeze my arse off. But I don't want to put socks on. Yes you do. No I don't. You want to shop though...

Someone please tell me how to stop the voices.

"the penis every woman wants"

you want a laugh ... I howled!

no matter how many times I get divorced I am still related to the Griswalds

Last class is just about to get out and everyone wants to go somewhere but no one wants everyone to go to their place because the Griswalds live with you/them/every teenager. It's not just the teenagers though, the Griswalds hang around your whole life just peeking around the corner waiting for that golden opportunity to cause the most stress and or embarassment for the least amount of effort. In fact they make it look effortless. We wonder wht we feel paranoid? It's just good common sense when they really are out to get you. In the nicest way possible of course.

You know who I mean. It isn't always your parents/in-laws/out-laws who have the Griswaldish behaviours either, often it's a sibling/half/step or cousin, or a mate (may all the 100 little gods forbid) and sometimes it's you.

Y'all know who you are - each and every one of you has had a Griswald Moment or two. We all go back there once in a while, when too many buttons are pushed, switches are flipped, or toes are stepped on. The uglies arrive and the only way to avoid them is flee.

If you're REALLY lucky, your Griswalds don't recognize their Griswaldishness and they hunt you down in your favorite places and torment you while you make every conceivable effort to maintain civility and not hurt anyone. And they think this is a good thing.


Feb 26, 2009

who the fuck are you?

to tell me what I SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do you slump brained half witted knuckle dragging cousin to an unborn invertabrate. You haven't got a sniff what life is yet about. Uneducated, uninformed, uninitiated and underdeveloped, you sit back all sass & brass with no class pontificating on your own "philosophy" of how the world REALLY works when you work part-time, live with your parents, and sponge off your friends. You are a low light, no life, brings a knife to a gun fight ignorant mother fucker.

You'll never read this but I feel better.