Nov 15, 2009

the maze I'm lost in

Externally I am a happy go lucky compassionate fairly well adjusted woman creeping up on 50 without too many hangups, a good job, a rather settled though still dysfunctional family, and an actively positive outlook on life. Though not religious per se I am religiously adamant about a person's right to follow the path they choose so long as the person does no harm on their trek through the wilderness of "what do I believe?".

I have been experiencing deja vu flashes and brushes with spirit my whole life. The incorporeal just seems closer to me on a day to day basis. I am continually querying what's wrong with me - as stop time images kick in for no reason, or I find myself stymied in mid-thought, sentence or deed. Granted I have worked my way through many of these but there are still those hangers on I can't seem to release.

Thanks to schmutzie who pointed me to BHJ where it was writ clear that perhaps it is my loose ends that are my life-us interruptus.

"It was that. That's what's wrong with me... it was that right there. That's the maze I'm lost in. I will never get over myself."
So here are some of my loose ends.

Being oldest. Not being a son. Mom hiding my blanky when we moved to Winnipeg. Moving to Winnipeg. The creepy Santa at Polo Park. Cora Lynn lost in history. Writing with my right hand. Dead hamster drowned in the toilet over christmas vacation. Not being allowed to play with Larry because he was hungarian. Smushed hornets nests, drowned but still covered in buzzy bits trying to save their babies. Daddy threatening to tie the kittens in a sack and toss them. Believing him. An invisible friend no one else could see or hear that got me into trouble ALL THE TIME.

Wanting to run away from home and never come back, then going back. The crusts on bread that would make hair grow on your chest, but never actually did. Being told I could be an astronaut if that`s what I wanted to be in grade 1. Missing the Winnipeg Centennial parade in which I was to twirl my baton because we were moving away from all of my friends. Gleefully bashing my sister with said baton when she whacked me with the broomstick. Moving to Fort Frances. Searching for a religion that fit me. Being too smart. Hearing my grade 5 math teacher tell me girls weren`t tough enough to be astronauts. `Pummelling my sisters back (supposed to be gently therapeutic) to loosen the phlegm from her bronchial-pneumonia and enjoying the pain it caused. Only getting a Skipper doll and never a Barbie with all those cool shoes and stuff. Being glad that it was my other sister that was scalded with boiling tea and not me. Feeling not-lonely in the graveyards. Smoking - anything. Stealing for the joy of it.

Moving to Brandon. People who visit me when they die (Grampa)and my mom pooh poohing the whole idea. Quitting catholicism in grade 6 because the priest refused to let me be an altar boy`and then being haunted that God would strike me dead.`Sleeping with a butter knife under my pillow because I wasn`t allowed to touch the sharp ones. Odd girl out. Grade six - only 2 girls had breasts and they called me Melons. My teacher stared at my shirts all the time. Being put in the accelerated reading, math and social studies classes and still being bored. Smoking pot with my lady teacher. Tripping over my dog who had so recently been hit by a car he was still warm.

Moving to Estevan and leaving no friends behind. Quitting christianity altogether for its hypocrisy in practice. Having sex so boys would like me and liking the sex more than the boy. Being evil to my mom on purpose. Divorce. high school - pick one there were several and I detested them all.

Ending up in Regina. Quitting school. My mom's boyfriends. Blow, I still smell it in my head. Choosing to settle in all of my intimate relationships. Watching someone die. Almost beating my children. Abandoning Vicious to the farm.


and then he asks "Did you ever just recognize somebody?". Hells yes. But rarely myself.

Oct 23, 2009

question of the day

Which is worse: food obsessions or sex obsessions?

To me they are both oral, aural, and olfactoral. They are interactive activities. They may or may not have some underlying meaning OR they could just be simple pleasurable.

I loved sex - great raunchy fucking each other against the door, on the stairs, in the elevator, the car, the park wherever, even a bed occasionally:) Great sucking smooshing slurping friction noises and the sweet salty tang of passion's sweat. The joy, the urge, that rampant need to get THERE - oh yes and THERE .... and the warm fuzzy cuddle or quick straightening of the accessories. Here there and everywhere, french lace lingerie under grey sweatpants and old rock tshirt, stockings and garters under jeans, and underwires and heels. Always.

I turned it off November 14, 2003. DDay - deadtotheworld day, notgoingthere day, damnhimtohell day, disgustedwithmyself day, don'twantotbeacougar day.

I had entered into a casual but monogamous relationship which when it was over 2 and half years later, left me for the first time in my life, with my dignity, wallet, and family intact. Can you believe it!

I was still dumped - on my freaking birthday, after I had just lost 30 pounds on Atkin's and was down to a size 18 - and for a woman 10 years my senior no less! Talk about knickers in a twist. Sure they had unrequited history from their 20s and 30s - neighbor couples who were best friends and had the hots for the OTHER spouse - but you just didn't act on that sort of thing back then. heavy sigh. Anf though he couldn't have picked a worse day, at least he was honest and didn't muck about first and tell me later, just explained that he thought he might still have "feelings" for her.

I have a "Do not share." policy, so in the end I gues I sort of made the decision to end it - that's just so fucked.

Either way, in a large blue funk and at the originations of my 65 day binge-o-rama my girlfriends dragged me to the Grey Cup tent - where I allowed myself to be picked up by this really hot guy - another story for later - only to discover in the am that he was 26. I'm glad he was older than my 24 year old daughter. It was fun, I had my night of desirable verification.

And then I turned it off. Done Day

The eating replaced it I think - well it had always been there - I enjoy cooking and eating as much as sex - but I think when I shut off the sex it kicked the food compulsion into high gear. I hurt my back in Jan 2004, hello Size 20 In 2005 lots of family problems and $$$ and I ate myself into size 22. Sort of maintained in 2006, but 2007 I wracked my knee at belly dance class - trying to shed some of the weight and ended up with my knee scoped in Jan 2008 - size 24. About 50 pounds a size.

But I don't want a "boyfriend". I don't want a "relationship". I think I just want someone who is casually monogamous to go out with maybe once every 2 weeks and have dinner, do a little dancing and then howl at the moon. Breakfast and Cya in the am.

In the meantime - it's shut your damn mouth - no you can't eat that - only this many calories and I'll work on subsuming the food compulsion. So far 31 pounds since Mid August. Should be down a size by Mid November.

Oct 8, 2009

what are you looking at?

alright kiddies. how many of us are there that are too fat or too thin? and I mean 50 pounds overweight or more and maybe 30 pounds underweight or more or less? the only difference is that you can be more overweight pound wise because it's and add to situation and you'd be amazed at what a body will suffer to carry before the pump goes, while when you're underweight there is a limit as to how much can be taken away - and live.

So here are the questions that have tied into week old reefknots in wet string licorice:
are any of us happy the way you are? me - no.
is there a physical reason for your individual mass issues? me - no.
are you aware of what the psychological reasons for the problem are? I think so.
if you are aware of the psych issues - what are you doing about them? me - working on self acceptance.
why are we still sneaking/binging/starving/stuffing/slowly killing ourselves?


and how many of you can really look at yourselves in the mirror - starkers? how do you feel? like you want to strut your stuff on the catwalk? hardly. I figure if I can't stand to look at it - see I said "it" instead of "me" - objectification and distancing .... then I figure no else wants to either, which gives me another reason to eat.

dirty bitching self renewing cycle

I've been the fat happy buddha for the last 5 years and I am so done with it. The bad part is that in order to lose HALF of me - oh yeah - I have to really focus on everything that goes in my mouth, not a happy time for a compulsive addictive semi-multiple personality - let me tell you.

So over the next few months this blog may not be for you. I am using it as the dump and it may not be pretty. You've been warned.

Here is my minimizing manifesto:
1. Since I need to eat 2800+ calories a day to maintain my weight - and I don't want to hear any gasps if you know the math - nor do I wish to see the number of actual pounds again, I am now only allowing myself 1500 healthy calories a day, which is plenty for a sedentary 150 pound 48 year old woman.
2. Eat at least 4 times a day.
3. Plenty of water and green tea.
4. Smaller portions, no more than 2 cups of food at a time - except for salad.
5. One cheat day every two weeks where I can have whatever the hell I want.
6. Avoid places that make me resist temptation because I'm not very good at it.
7. Be as much more active as I can given the jointly limitations I have at the moment.
8. Only get on the scale every 10 days or so and only first thing in the morning.
9. Do not run over the beautiful people with my car.

I am a tad obsessed at the moment. It's because I'm always hungry and I am not happy.

Unfortunately it's self inflicted and only self resolved.

Sep 5, 2009


I have a secret.

I had to tell someone.

Just that I had one not what it is ;)


Sep 2, 2009

well now

Have you ever made a decision to do something you were pretty sure was a bad idea but you really wanted to do it at the time, and so you convinced yourself that it really wasn't a bad idea - that was just all that peer pressure bullshit getting in the way of you having a really fabulous time?

word of the day: self delusion.

sometimes it is just a bad idea.

Aug 6, 2009


One sleek hot black one piece with a key hole back and red pinstriping for snorkling on the Negril reefs in jamaica. half price.

it really was meant to be.

May 9, 2009

Five oclock and bumper to bumper fumes billow horns bellow.
A pool of silence in the cacophony of rush hour traffic, alone in my car.

Alone is like being a river - it just goes on never ending,
slowly eroding the need for "the one",
desire sinking quietly into the riverbed to lay fallow and mostly unnoticed.

The longer it lasts, the easier it becomes not to make an effort to change it.
No one to answer to, no one to disappoint, self contained, self-alienated, cloistered.

Watching the thunderstorms of other's lives makes me tired sometimes.

May 3, 2009

actually Sunday

and I'm up way to early!

Errands to run, people to see.

Later gator.

over sensitive

Today I'm being over sensitive - or maybe not. I know I do feel a bit left over and odd woman out. Is it reasonable for me to feel this way? Who knows. That doesn't really matter cause the feelings are still there. What a pathetic fucking creature I am.

Apr 30, 2009

just freaking stop.

Stop telling me what I should do. Really. Stop it.

I know what I should do and it's my own damn choice since it's my life to spend.
Yes, that is selfish.
Too fuckin' bad.

Everyone SHOULD just look in their own back yards and keep the fuck out of mine until there's is in some half assed order.

I look after my self moderately well. I have educated myself. I have a successful career. I have a double handful of good friends for which I am eternally grateful and countless chums who were put here for my amusement. And I have a retirement plan.
My parents AND my kids love me.
I have the coolest grandchildren on the planet.
I actually like my son-in-law.
I have a comfoirtable home and I am not in debt up to my ass. knees maybe but there's still lots of room to do some travelling.

Looks pretty good from here.

Apr 24, 2009

after midnite - again...

Well here we are, my multiplicity of voices in my head with several of them trying to get out so that when I do speak I seem to be speaking in tongues and when I try to go to sleep one or the other of them is constantly NATTERING IN MY EAR WILL YOU PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Not working.

So I'm a little crazy today.

I bought a new toilet seat and I can't get the old one off.
I've perused the ever growing pile of laundry in my room but I just bought some new duds so it'll wait another day or two.
I bought a new carpet with the Dao symbol on it for balance and couldn't center it correctly on the older carpet.
I remembered my vitamins and forgot my anti biotic.
I miss donuts and all things sugary and it is doing nothing for the figure.
I want my freaking kitchen done - NOW!!!!
The boys are moving to Victoria so they adopted the hyacinth to me - please don't let me kill it. Several of the plants suicided this winter.
I want to go camping but it's stilltoo cold.
I want a buddy with benefits and no liabilities but I'm too something to dump the poundage that would make that task so much simpler.
I cry at everything for no apparent reason, but I laugh at the same time.
Plans plans plans - procrastinate x 3
And then it's back to the cycle - damn I'm tired

Apr 14, 2009

Been awhile

I was sick. Now I'm mostly better. I have whined enough.
Visited with family and had a great visit with dad, plated Dakar, took a short road trip and remortgaged the condo at a damn fine rate. I'm halfway through customizing the pattern for Abigail's wedding dress, I've at least started my taxes, and the nebulous plans for a kitchen seem to becoming a bit more tangible.

Yesterday I even made it to the pub to see my O'Hooligans, catch up on some lovin' from Miss Stacy, sunshine from Mistress Abigail, and hugs all'round Sang Nickless a happy bday at karaoke (it was all of us) - definitely not a solo performance. He had a pussy on his cake.

My desk is mostly caught up.

So why can I see nothing but this knee limping, muffin topped, waddle wagging, vulture-winged, bristly bitchy bitter old bag. Cause I am feeling old - a strange thing for me because I usually feel 8. The last few weeks mostly just sucked and not in a good way. A couple of hot flashes - my - THOSE are fun. The antibiotics I was on required me to eat 4 times a day and I'm sure that in the middle of trying to reduce the muffin top to tartlet size I have put on 10 pounds and nothing fits right now.

My favorite bra had a blowout and the wire actually scraped a gash in my side in its mad escape from my blouse, and the lingerie store has no replacements, nothing but horse harnesses = blech!!! It's not like I can go braless and still have a working back and any dignity. I have chocolate (70% cocoa sugar free) stashed in my purse/desk/backpack and I haven't done that in years, and I am sure I've smoked 4 packs of smokes since last Monday when I have been down to about a pack a week for the last 6 months.

But I did manage 6 minutes in the standup yesterday and that was fabulous.

Imagine you can now hear George Carlin's 7 words.

Apr 6, 2009

monday and back to work

At least I feel like working, however my hand eye coordination certainly leaves something to be desired this morning. Which sucks because when you're a writer using a keyboard ...

However - I am not behind, my boss seems happy with me, and it's only a 3 days week what with Easter and all, and all. Sorry, but since I read Catcher in the Rye a month ago, that "and all" seems to pop up more regularly than "Eh!" for a Canadian. By the hundred little gods, that book sucked.

Well, enough slacking, done my break and it's back to work y'all. Catch you this weekend.

Apr 4, 2009

saturday ...already

My face stiil looks like richard nixon, but the ear pressure went away last nite. 2nd round of even stronger anti biotics. Yay!

I oh so love my life right now.

Mar 27, 2009


Music makes me cry this week, and movies, and the occasional commercial. Always bright on the outside, my inside worlds are colliding, and the destruction is starting to spread. Regret weighs me down, guilt shrivels my desire to talk to people, sweet sleep is a surcease to pain long buried and newly resurrected, if only I could grasp it more than a couple of hours at a time.

Plans made and tossed aside for what seemed like good reasons at the time and now seem to be flimsy rationalizations. Wasted resources, relationships, and opportunities gibber their derision behind my eyes, rubbing my nose in my own misjudgements.

It's so quiet that I can hear all the voices chittering at me at the same time, a cacophonous dirge of drivel I can do nothing about. I thought I was past this.

Mar 23, 2009


According to the crackbook quiz I am one. hmmmmmm. Sounds like my shrink when I was 14, but he said it was all my mom's fault. She's dead now so does that mean I have to take responsibility for my own shit, or can I pass the blame on to someone else? I wonder if I have his name - the shrink's I mean - nah he's probably dead too. Maybe it was just a phase and I've grown out of it. Then again maybe not.

Mar 21, 2009

metallic mineral particles clinging to horsehair

the great search

Should any deny they are searchers they shall be telling an untruth and be deluding themselves or else they be dead.

As a child we search for stability comfort and inclusion.
In the teenager awakens a thirst for a larger understanding of their place in the pattern.
Often as not in adulthood, we give up on the mystical, and through the application of skepticism think we have become cynics or even atheists.
I beg to differ on the grounds of the "great other", that indefinable something that we all know as just out of reach or around the next corner. What about those questions that everyone I know who has been close to death were still asking, "Why was I here? What was the point? What happens now? Did my life really matter?"

The search has infinite paths, and though we may successfully conclude many of them throughout a lifetime, there is always another looming on the horizon of your unconsciousness. The search defines who we are.

I am searching for freedom, love, and a surcease from pain/desire, yet I continually take steps that extenuate both states.

What are you searching for?

Mar 20, 2009

ya- fuckin - hoo!

First day of spring and Mr. Winter is dying another death. Oh welcome RA, wake up Gaia, it's your turn and about bloody time it is. Open the windows! I removed the storms in the porch. I will have bare feet in my mephistos today. It's going up to 2 degrees. Yes, above zero. No socks required.

I need light, and sun, and friendly voices (besides the ones in my head and THEY'VE been cooped up waaay too long) and maybe an apertif on a deck some where. Savia java this aft. Footloose and fancy free for the weekend.

Mar 19, 2009

catch up:

My son is 26 today and yet I don't really feel much older than when I had him. More experienced and more physically descrepit, but not really "older". I find that I still want to sing happy birthday and have him blow out the candles, but now instead of black forest cake from Safeway, he wants home made not from the box black forest cake with real kirsch and cherries. Not happening, not this week.

Mama got a little carried away and thristday became thirstweekend and then some ;) I got the date for Mikey's buyout wrong, but I was already at the pub and the crew were there, and I didn't have to work the next day, so all of these lovely little rationalizations were just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to dust them off, which I did. Got home quite late, made Deb laugh and then thrust my drunken but ever so happy personage into Deb's room to harass my friend Peter whom had just gotten back from Cuba. Apparently I was in fine form.

I had convinced myself Friday morning that I was not going to grace the pub with my presence that evening, and then I started feeling guilty because I'd missed the last few outings with that crew - I am a member of several disparate groups of friends with different interests - and I had promised Mikey I'd be there, so I got my running around done early and decided to go for just a few.

HAHAHAHAHA! I am the empress of self delusion I tell you. A few my ass. On a Fraturday, with 3 groups of my friends at the pub and the fivers just jumping out of my pocket. I was rollin' and then Niall finished any chance at all of me getting home early by introducing this dark and delicious new brew, Cobblestone, which is - may the brewer's above strike me down if it isn't so - better in the short run than Guinness. In fact it is very much like Guinness but it has an aroma that you can just sit and absorb for minutes at a time, until it draws your lips to the edge of the glass for another swallow. Dark dekicious stout with a hint of coffee, or chocolatey something ... damn but it's good. Suffice to say I had several.

Saturday was ladies night so it was fun in the kitchen with dk & Deb while we prepared the feast for the ladies. Just shy of a dozen of us filled my place with love, laughter, and the sarcasm that only erupts when it is a testosterone free zone. We are hilarious.

I took Sunday off. Even the goddess needs to rest ... and do laundry.

Monday was brother Ryan's bday, with libations for all, and Tuesday was St. Paddy's - the annual come as you crawl event at an Irish pub. While I didn't get there until 3:30 (some of my friends were there before noon and had I not been working I would have been too) Katie still had some Guinness Chocolate cake with Bailey's icing left, and we didn't get locked out while we were smoking until after 7 (but Robert let us in through the kitchen). THere were so many of my friends there that it was like Romper Room through the bottom of a Guinness Glass. Ahhhh - spring is in the air and everybody wanted to play. And the Dman was playing and Mr. Bighead was welcomed with open arms and by then a few empty minds!!! We danced and laughed and sand and cheers each other hoarse.

It was fucking glorious!

Mar 17, 2009


An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. - Buddha

Mar 12, 2009


If you ask any of the O'Hanligans or random member of the O'Hanlon's Ladies Auxiliary (OLA) they will tell you that my favorite beer is the Guinness, and they would not be lying at all at all. I am sure that I could stop by the pub and drink them everyday for their grainy goodness... mmmm. Cool and dark, a heady brisqueness rises from the glass calling me ...

And I have not replenished my supply, with the exception of two lonely pints last Saturday, in well over two weeks. Understand that though I am no longer the liquor pig I once was the skills are simply simmering under the surface awaiting the Chance to escape. At the end of last decadance (spring summer fall - when the deck is available) I had decided that neither my health nor my vacation fund (HAHAHAHAHAHA) would be getting any better anytime soon unless I took a bit of a break from bar attending. So I instituted the once a week thristday, with the occasional exception for birthdays and other special occasions like Team Mensa Scrabble, OLA Karaoke, or one of the ladies had a really bad day. And it has worked. The weight is slowly decreasing, very very slowly (trying to motivate oneself when one cannot stand looking at the loser in the mirror is a feat not yet accomplished)and I have a squeak away from 2K in my vacation fund with 9 months left to save.

BUT I now have 2 thirstdays saved up and I believe I will blow them today.

I feel the fraturday buzz beginning in my toes and soon to be tasting genius is drawing me further and further away from the work I should be doing.

You know how so many people say they're at the bar for the company. BULLSHIT!

Sometimes we're at the bar for the Beer & the company, sometimes we're at the bar for BEER & COMPANY, but mostly it's for the beer. You could have company at home.

Mar 11, 2009

full moon fallout

The crazies did not inundate my mailbox. A few grumpy curmudgeons and a couple of whiners, with two cudos tossed in for leavening. Not bad for hump day and strangely normal for the lunar peak - maybe it's the evening primrose oil I've been taking the last few days. Who knows.

However ...

-35C this morning MEH!!! when it was to be warmer than -20C .... heavy sigh

Mar 10, 2009

for fuck sakes

Theyu said it was going to be -27C this am. I psyched myself up ... I thought I was ready for it.

At 7 this morning it was -fucking 32 degrees celcius and - 45C with the wind chill.

I was NOT ready for that.

On the flip side it's warmed up to a balmy -25C this afternoon.

The feather forecasters are a bunch of tasteless cunts.

Mar 9, 2009

Last weakness

Sick like a puking toad last week, mother nature's whole body cleanse and attempt to cure my decades long lack of sleep Hot cold sweating shivering sleep can and round and round the mulberry bush. Fever or hot flashes? No - it was fever, the hot flashes came back yesterday - AFTER the fever vacated the premises.

Since Friday - Remy had her baby, Mikey got a new job, Mur is lookin' for one and the Sherriff's dad passed.

At least I'm not sick today - though I am freakin' exhausted and I just typed all day - what a loser.

and I miss my mom.

Mar 2, 2009

ah the stupid heads ...

Everyone knows the "dumb blonde" vs "smart brunette" stereotypes right? Well what really sucks is when the stupidheadedness of an unknown dumb blonde (really she is) starts to rub off on what has previously been known to be a relatively "smart" brunette.

The story started with the blonde stating that if you drink your liquor through a straw you get drunk faster. Heh heh - honey if we put two pints on the table and give you a fuckin' 7-11 slurpee straw, my pint will be gone before you've downed two fingers of your pint. With more hooch inside me than outside, I am pretty sure I will get drunk faster.

I know that the great omniscient powered "THEY" spout hundreds of reasons why this is supposedly TRUE, ranging from you suck faster, carbonation causes faster absorption, creates higher heat in the mouth causing more vapours to be created... yada freakin' yada. The point is you get drunk as quickly as your individual blood alcohol levels increase, which is directly affected by the amount of alcohol you consume.

As if I wasn't already starting to get irritated enough, at that point the brunette chirps "I heard it works better if the straw is bent." Really. I'm thinking she's got to be kidding. But she's got that "I'm totally serious" look on her face. And then the blonde perks back up "I read it on the internets, it must be true!"

bang bang.

Feb 28, 2009


Sometimes the difference in "common" language usage between generations just blows me away. I have always believed that there are some situations where the use of particular words is not such a great idea. And don't give me the arguement that we as a society have become desensitized to the impact of those words because that is not neccesarily a good thing.

Last night I heard two 18 year old girls call each other "whores" and laugh, like some of us in my generation use "bitches". Neither is a very nice thing to call your friend - however - calling a friend of mine a whore is flatly untenable. Yet another of their friends tagged one of them in some south park pic as "Herpes Ho" and that incensed them, but they thought it would have been funny if it was someone else who was tagged with it??? Talk about multi layered standards. Or maybe it's just a lack of standards whatsoever. Or maybe it's just my yearning for civilized conversation without all the negative conotations.

The longer I spent in their company the more aghast I became at their language. Such filth being declaimed by such beauty and yet they kiss their mothers with those mouths. I even went so far as to ask them why, and got naught but splutters and mumbles as a reply.

George Carlin, who espoused the belief that there are no bad words, only bad interpretations, would be calling me a hypocrite I'm sure - and he's tops on my list of present day philosophers. I'm sorry George, but on my WORST day the language they are using is on just about anybody's list and they KNOW it. It isn't for shock value or even as an expletive, it has become part of their common launguage. I detest it.

Feb 27, 2009


Apparently today is the day that I cannot make a decision and make it stick even in my own head. The plumber was here and the biggest pain in my ass has been resolved. New taps installed, the drip has been quenched and I no longer have to use the rubber jar opening thingy to turn off the hot water tap. FUCKING YAY!!!!

however - it was minus 30C (-42 with windchill) when I cancelled my coffee date with my son, and considered cancelling fake bake. So we rearranged java at Mur's for 4 instead of 1 - bake at 5. A a visit with the crazies at 7 for Nolie's 22nd bday. I still have to check with Clinton about bday plans.

But NOW, not an hour later I think I need to get out of the house ... I really do. I mean it's warmed up to - just a sec - minus 23 (-35 with windchill)which gives me long enough from car to building and not freeze my arse off. But I don't want to put socks on. Yes you do. No I don't. You want to shop though...

Someone please tell me how to stop the voices.

"the penis every woman wants"

you want a laugh ... I howled!

no matter how many times I get divorced I am still related to the Griswalds

Last class is just about to get out and everyone wants to go somewhere but no one wants everyone to go to their place because the Griswalds live with you/them/every teenager. It's not just the teenagers though, the Griswalds hang around your whole life just peeking around the corner waiting for that golden opportunity to cause the most stress and or embarassment for the least amount of effort. In fact they make it look effortless. We wonder wht we feel paranoid? It's just good common sense when they really are out to get you. In the nicest way possible of course.

You know who I mean. It isn't always your parents/in-laws/out-laws who have the Griswaldish behaviours either, often it's a sibling/half/step or cousin, or a mate (may all the 100 little gods forbid) and sometimes it's you.

Y'all know who you are - each and every one of you has had a Griswald Moment or two. We all go back there once in a while, when too many buttons are pushed, switches are flipped, or toes are stepped on. The uglies arrive and the only way to avoid them is flee.

If you're REALLY lucky, your Griswalds don't recognize their Griswaldishness and they hunt you down in your favorite places and torment you while you make every conceivable effort to maintain civility and not hurt anyone. And they think this is a good thing.


Feb 26, 2009

who the fuck are you?

to tell me what I SHOULD or SHOULD NOT do you slump brained half witted knuckle dragging cousin to an unborn invertabrate. You haven't got a sniff what life is yet about. Uneducated, uninformed, uninitiated and underdeveloped, you sit back all sass & brass with no class pontificating on your own "philosophy" of how the world REALLY works when you work part-time, live with your parents, and sponge off your friends. You are a low light, no life, brings a knife to a gun fight ignorant mother fucker.

You'll never read this but I feel better.