Feb 2, 2011

s'been awhile

salty ocean overlays 10W30 singing to me all the day long. soft sweet strong and giggly like a school girl when slowpoke shows up at casa de speedy. a powerful, gentle tide that wipes away footprints of past travails while inviting you on a new adventure. pushing you to be more than you allow yourself to be, yet shielded from the overbearing crowd like a hidden lagoon along a rock ridden shore.

letting yourself go where you promised yourself you would no longer tread. closing your ears to reason with the sultry tang of man running in your veins. tossed about the ocean of desire and cradled in friendship's embrace, lulled to peaceful sleep by the intertwining melody of heartbeats rustling sheets and snores.

fighting to hold on to that wicked independence that has cost you so much ...


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